Portsmouth Ohio

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The Council's duties include the following:

  • Inquire into the conduct of any department, office, or officer of the City and make investigations as to municipal affairs
  • Provide for public hearings on the draft of an appropriation ordinance based on the budget within 10 days after its receipt, after which the proposed appropriation ordinance may be changed or amended by the Council and:
    • Take the same courseĀ 
    • Be subject to the same procedure in the Council as other ordinances
    • Shall not be passed before the first meeting of the Council in January
  • At the beginning of the fiscal year and before the annual appropriation ordinance has been passed, the Council, on written recommendation of the Mayor, may make appropriations for current City expenses, chargeable to the appropriations of the year when passed, sufficient to cover the necessary expenses of the City until the annual appropriation ordinance is in force
  • Either:
    • Transfer unencumbered balance of an appropriation to a purpose or object for which the appropriation for the current year has proved insufficient
    • Authorize transfer to be made between items appropriated for the same department or office
      • No such transfer shall be made of the income of earnings of any public utility owned by the City, and receiving no support from taxation to any other purpose than such utility
  • If at any time the total accruing revenue of the City shall be in excess of the total estimated income thereof, Council may appropriate such excess to such uses as will not conflict with any uses for which specifically such revenues accrued
  • Upon written recommendation of the Mayor, authorize alterations in work or improvement contracts, when extra work and materials are not provided for in the original contract
  • Establish a schedule of compensation for officers and employees in the classified service which shall provide uniform compensation for like service
  • Provide for the construction, reconstruction, repair, and maintenance of all things in the nature of local improvements
    • Provide for the payment of any part of the cost thereof by levying and collecting special assessments upon abutting, adjacent, and contiguous or other specially benefited property
  • Authorize construction or repair of certain specified sidewalks, curbings, or gutters

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the City Clerk by email or calling (740) 354-4706.