Portsmouth Ohio

Where Southern Hospitality Begins


Internet Map

The City of Portsmouth map is now on the Internet. To view our online map, click Internet Map. Please note that this map is still going through several cosmetic changes. Visit often to catch the latest information.

In the future, there will be additional layers brought online. These include the sewers, water lines, zoning, and others.

City Map

To view an index map of the City, click City Map.  Be sure to have the Adobe Acrobat reader plugin installed on your computer.  

This map is available as an 8.5" X 11" B/W book format, in the Engineering Department for $8.

Note: The Internet map listed above will eventually supersede this map.

City Ward Maps

The City of Portsmouth is divided into six wards. To find out which ward you are located in, please click City Ward Maps.

Note on File Size

The index image map for the City of Portsmouth is about 95KB and some of the actual map sections are about one MB each. Please give ample time for the images to download.