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Civil Schedule of Costs

Mail Costs
Certified Mail (per defendant or address)$7.00
Re-issuance of Certified Mail$7.00
Regular MailNo Charge
Request for Restricted Mail**
Personal Service by Bailiff$20.00

** Call Your Post Office for the Restricted Mail Rate


Schedule of Costs
Complaint (one defendant plus cert. mail)$100.00 
Amended Complaint$25.00 
Counterclaim, Cross Claim, Third Party Complaint$25.00 
 - Appraisers Fee$20.00 
Replevin (per defendant)$100.00 
 - Writ of Replevin$20.00 
 - Hearing on PossessionNo Charge 
 - Order of Sale$10.00 
 - Notice of Sale Publication$175.00 (Security Deposit) 
 - Storage/Towing fees$100.00 (Security Deposit) 
Forcible Entry and Detainer$103.00 
 - Writ of Restitution$20.00 
Bureau of Motor Vehicles Appeals  
 - Out of State DUI$95.00 
Small Claim$63.00 
Small Claim Counterclaim$25.00 
Wage Garnishment$80.00 
Bank Garnishment$80.00 
 - check or money order made payable to the bank$1.00 
Notice of Publication$325.00 (Security Deposit) 
 - costs are actual expenses of publication  
Jury Demand$875.00 
 - Due at time of filing or 5 Business days prior to Pre-trial date  
Judgment Debtor Examination$25.00 
Subpoena Duces Tecum$15.00 
Certificate of Judgment$5.00 
Certificate of Judgment to BMV$12.00 
Transfer of Judgment to this Court$50.00 
Transfer of Case to Another Court$20.00 
Motion to Vacate, Modify, or Revive Judgment$25.00 
Motion to Transfer Small Claim to Civil Docket$40.00 
Notice of Appeal$100.00 
Land lord-Tenant Rent Escrow ActionNo Charge 
Deposit for Sheriff Service$25.00 
Exemplified Copy$5.00